The Best Football Player In The World

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A famous striker from Argentina, Lionel Messi considered as the best football player in the world. Even though his dad is a steel factory manager but it does not mean that he cannot be the one of the best football players in the world. The greatest achievement that he got was the FIFA World Player of the Year five times. He started his career at the age 14 to play for Barcelona. Because of his spectacular progress, he managed to climb the ranks to Barca C, Barca B, and finally he made it to the first team.

It was the greatest significant progress that he has shown anyway, no doubt that he becomes a football player that is so respected by the others. He won seven La Liga titles with Barcelona, it added the long achievements list that he has. By the way, his first debut was at 16 where he made the first appearance and one year later, he appeared as the youngest player who appeared in La Liga, is not it so incredible?

With all of the excellent skills and fame that he got, he made some appearances as a model for some products which is another great step for him to keep shining. Even within a year, he collected 38 goals exactly in 2009/2009 season that lead him to another amazing achievement regarding the score of the goals that he made. This talented football player has been crowned Player of the Year at age 25 and you know what, it is for four times! I am pretty sure it is so hard to have another Lionel Messi in the future but nothing is impossible so we just wait and see who is going to be the next Lionel Messi with a great and excellent skill plus performances.

The Golden Boy from Argentina

The whole world knows that Diego Maradona is a legend, he was born on October 30th, 1960 and now he becomes a retired Argentine professional football player. He is considered as the greatest football player by people especially former football players as the greatest football player of all time. When it comes to Maradona then it is a must to discuss about his achievement. He transferred to Barcelona for £5 million and then to Napoli for £6.9 million which made him as the only player who got the world record transfer fee twice.

His skills are so great that you will not believe it! He vision, passing as well as ball control that you cannot see on the other football players. His speed also is so amazing that is why he could score 34 goals during his international career. The Golden Boy is his nickname so when you hear it then it is about Diego Maradona.

A Football Player With Good Style Of Play

Gabriel Batistuta, a retired Argentine professional football player, he is the eleventh top scorer of all the time in Italian Serie A league with 184 goals, is not it amazing? You will be more amazed when you know the fact that he is Argentine’s all-time leading goal scorer, there were 56 goals in 78 matches. Besides that, he played at three World Cups. Who knows that he can be one of the greatest football players as when he was a child, he preferred to play basketball over football because of his height. But Mario Kempes made him want to give his life to football.

His international career started in 1991 when he was selected to play for Argentina in the Copa America that held in Chile. For your information, he has a style of play that makes him as a powerful player; he has that good technique with accurate heading. Can you name one football player in this era that has the same style as Gabriel Batistuta?